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Our goal at Global Resources Online is to provide cost efficient IT solutions for all your personal computer or small/medium system and network needs.

If you are an existing customer, please sign in above to access your account information and applications. Not a customer? Would you like to speak to someone about your IT needs? Please fill out the new cusmtomer request form, someone from our staff will review the information and contact you as soon as possible.

We also have Custom Software Solutions which we feel will provide both the low-end and advance user with software that will help manage your personal or business needs.  At this time our team is focused on LottoTracker which tracks results from the MegaMillions and Powerball Lotto systems, shows ball history, trends, which can send alerts via E-mail, SMS, Twitter and Facebook.  Please visit our Products Area for more details on existing and upcoming programs.

Join the LottoTracker Open Beta Today!  Just register for a Global Resources Online and add LottoTracker from your available software products list!

If you need help or have a general question, contact us at TechSupport@grol.com!


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